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HIVEN, has now been established, founded by Mr.Anastasios Hilios and Mr. Anastasios Ventouris. Our collaboration started years ago, with one company fulfilling the other’s needs and vice versa. We first began working together on yachts and then on various other vessels. Now, however, we decided to join forces and found this company in order to expand our reach, as well as to be able to service more ships to the best of our ability.

HIVEN is a Greek privately owned vessel construction and repair company, based at the Shipyard Repair Zone of Perama (suburb of Piraeus), specializing in al sectors of marine services, including ship building, ship conversions, repairs/maintenance/pipe/steel works, painting, cleaning, e.t.c.

What we do

HIVEN Services

General ship & yachting services

We provide state-of-the-art, quality-certified services, with worldwide coverage, protecting and securing both our customers’ property and the environmental ecosystem.


HIVEN company uses hydroblasting machines of the best new technology with pressure from 100 to 3500 bar. covering all the requirements of international standards.

Rental Equipment

We are proud of our massive equipment and this stands as one of our strong advantages. We have won a worthy reputation for our works’ quality, using continually updated mechanical equipment.

Steel works

We carry out any kind of metal work regarding repair, refit and construction of vessels. It has established certified procedures in compliance with the requirements of the classification society.